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Zakynthian “Kefi” cheer! (Video)

During the coronavirus restrictions a number of groups have come together to entertain. This particular group is no newcommer to Zakynthians. It is the cultural group of Sarakinatho along with a few friends that are also well knon here in Zakynthos. The cultural group is well known for their traditional …

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Museums of Greek life, Folklore and the Natural World

For a small island, Zakynthos has a wealth of interesting and important museums that aim to highlight and educate visitors with the historical, traditional and environmental sides of the island. There’s something for everyone and whether you’re interested in learning more for educational purposes, or just wanting to delve further …

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Carnival Sunday and Zakynthian Chicken Pastitsada

Zakynthian chicken with spaghetti. (κοτόπουλο παστιτσάδα) This recipe is best in summer when the tomatoes are at their best, or like I do, use tomatoes that have been kept from the season’s pickings and have been frozen ready for use. It is also known as the main dish in the last …

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Nougat a traditional sweet during Carnival

Mantolato (Nougat) A traditional sweet of Zakynthos, and definitely a must to try! During Carnival the most popular sweets are Rice pudding(rizogalo) and nougat (Mantolato). Now that the events are slowly taking place throughout the town and villages you will mainly see nougat being thrown to the crowds as a treat. I …

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BBQ Thursday this week.

Greeks celebrate Tsiknopempti, which literally means “Thursday of the Smoke of Grilled Meat”. It is celebrated 11 days before Clean Monday (which marks the start of the fasting period of Lent); since the week before Lent is considered meat-free (but not dairy-free), and Wednesday and Friday are generally considered days of …

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